Welcome to the Farm...

What to pack for your furry friend's stay with us..

It is not necessary to supply your pet’s bed, but feel free to if you would like. Each suite is furnished with a cozy bed and clean water and food bowls. However, you are welcome to bring your pet’s favorite blanket, pillow or toy to make them feel more at home. It is encouraged to bring something that has a familiar scent for your pet. Please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of any items that you may bring for your pet’s stay. If possible, please mark your pet’s name on each item. Your pet will have their own basket to store food, medication, small items and their favorite toys.
We strongly encourage you to bring your pet’s own food. A change in diet is hard on their system… and we want them to be comfortable. Please only bring enough food to just last your pet’s stay. It is best if it is brought in a sealed container or plastic bag measured into just enough feedings for their stay. Your pet’s favorite treats can be brought in a sealed container as well and they will be given as you request… a bedtime snack perhaps!
Please no rawhide treats or rawhide toys of any kind. 
A nominal daily charge of $2.00 for dogs and $1.00 for cats will be added if owners do not bring their own food. 
All medications MUST be in their original containers. There is no additional charge for the administering of basic medication. A waiver and exact details on the administering of such meds must be signed.

When you arrive… 

Please review and respect our regular business hours for both drop-off and pick-up. From Highway 7, please turn down the 4th Line of Asphodel and enter the driveway marked with the signs. It is much safer than entering off the busy highway and less traffic past our house. It is important that you stay in your vehicle with your pet and sound horn if not attended to within a couple of minutes. We are on a working farm, along with all the sights, sounds & smells of a farm… and with animals and heavy equipment. So for the safety of yourself and your pet it is important to wait until someone greets you. 
We will then proceed to the Kennel Office to make sure the paperwork is complete and in order. Please allow approximately 20 minutes for a first time check in to fill in a questionnaire on your pet’s habits and individual needs. To speed the process up this questionnaire can be downloaded, emailed or faxed to you in advance. Along with the Vet Clearance Form, this questionnaire will help to ensure the safety of your pet’s stay.
A kennel staff member will then discuss any questions or concerns you may have and do a quick examination of your pet with you present. You can then choose to give your pet a hug and kiss and be on your way, or take your pet to his/her suite in the kennel for them to settle. 
Please note: Children under the age of 12 years are discouraged from entering the Kennel for their safety and for the safety of our guests.
Major Holidays:
Major holidays include: Christmas 
(December 21st thru to January 2nd)
Spring Break (March)

During Major Holidays the minimum stay is 4 days. Your pet is welcome to stay for a shorter duration, however 4 FULL days will be charged during this time. Due to high demand for boarding during Major Holidays there will be no discounts offered.
On Christmas Day and New Years Day, we are “CLOSED” for pickups and drop offs. Your dog/cat can be picked up on the 24th or 26th the 31st or 2nd. The only exception will be in case of emergency.

New Boarding Rates effective October 1st, 2019 

$30.00 plus HST per night
6 nights or more $25 plus tax 

Two dogs, from the same
household sharing a room
$38. plus HST per night

Extended stay rates are
negotiated on an individual 

Forms required prior to 

For the safety of your dog, and my other guests... no dog will be boarded without proof of up-to-date vaccinations...

Click on the dog for my
Client Information Form
Click on the paws for my
Vet Clearance Form

Visitors are always welcome by appointment!